Welcome to FedTrain – Your Source for Appropriations Law Training and Information

The educational journey that FedTrain offers combines expert instruction and fun with an infusion of humor and student involvement that encourages every student to participate in a meaningful learning experience. With well over two decades of classroom instruction involving thousands of students, we pride ourselves in having a reputation for providing instruction that will simulate job related situations inspiring our students to achieve outstanding job performance.

Our courses focus on the duties of the typical financial or program manager who works at or below the region office, division headquarters, area office or major military subordinate field command level. We concentrate on the day-to-day duties of the financial manager who may be working as an activity manager or program manager at the local level. We differ from others in our field in a key respect: We believe that while it is important for a student to understand "the big picture" as seen from inside the beltway of Washington, D.C., it's more important to focus the instruction on the present duties and responsibilities of the student, the vast majority of whom are employed well outside the beltway. So, in some classes we spend a brief period teaching the "DC scene" and then very quickly turn to the day-to-day world of the student.

Beyond Training Delivery, FedTrain maintains a Resource Center with content and links to federal sites that will also benefit the visitor. An important part of the Resource Center is the Summaries page. There, we condense recently published Comptroller General Decisions into a document that can be quickly digested and put to use. The summary includes recommendations on annotations the reader should make in their GAO Red Books to close the loop from the Principles of Appropriations Law as reflected in the published volumes to the latest decision. This should ensure your references are as up to date as you can get them.